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  •   I was rear ended last year and the insured's insurance company was stalling UNTIL I hired this firm.  Catherine Lombardo, Esq. took on my case with enthusiasm and vigor.

    I had extensive injuries and lost work.

    Catherine Lombardo fought hard settle the case at the deposition!  We didn't have to go to trial.  Her knowledge of the law was superb and she ran circles around the opposing counsel.

    I received a settlement amount above and beyond my expectations.

    This is the only firm that I would ever use again!

    Shelley S

    thumb Shelley R.

      Attorney Catherine Lombardo of The Napolin Law Firm handled my auto accident case. My insurance company really turned things into a foot dragging blame shifting circus.

    The stress literally added insult to injury. Catherine Lombardo took my case and went toe to toe with them on my behalf. No small feat.

    Catherine started and maintained dialogue with both my insurance company and myself, always keeping me in the loop. This level of professionalism and competence dropped my stress significantly and ultimately my trust in her ability to not be intimidated was well placed.

    Because of Catherine's commitment to my case and her skill and knowledge my case was settled for literally 5 times the amount that the insurance company insisted was the maximum they would pay.

    I can not commend or recommend Catherine Lombardo & The Napolin Law Firm enough.

    Laura Rosales
    Santa Barbara CA

    thumb Laura R.

      Alexander and Catherine are great attorneys and I highly recommend them. Napolin represented me for a personal injury car accident case and I was highly impressed with their passion to help me against the insurance company that at first denied my case. I am very happy with the results they obtained and now I have enough money to repair my car and get my hospital bills paid for. Thanks again for your help, I greatly appreciate you!

    thumb Jacqueline M.
  •   I had never needed to hire a lawyer before this but I am very glad that I did! Alexander Napolin delivered on everything he said he would do during our consultation meeting. He and his firm helped me get through a very terrible car accident. I was able to get the care I needed for my injuries, and I was happy with the settlement in the end. Thank you Napolin Law Firm!

    thumb Ryan S.

      Alex is a very professional and awesome lawyer.  He worked hard and always responded when we had questions.  We are very happy with his hard work and dedication to our case. Thank you for all your hard work we appreciate it alot!!!

    thumb Cali G.

      When I met Mr. Napolin, I knew I was in good hands. He is not only very compassionate, but also knowledgable and organized, which I realized is SO IMPORTANT for an attorney representing injured workers. He made me feel at ease and confident. I will recommend all of my family and friends to him!!

    thumb Taylor B.
  •   Our experience with Alexander Napoplin was great. He was able to help my stepmother with her case. As you can probably imagine, it was a long and complicated process. After almost 3 years, she was able to obtain a very good settlement for her injuries. I would highly recommend this firm. They are professional and effective. Thank you Napolin Law Firm!!

    thumb Jose M.

      In January of 2016 I was injured at my job and wasn't receiving any help from my employer I had called 3 separate lawyers and none of which could help me, I stumbled upon Napolin law firm and all I have to say is wow they were amazing Alexander took the time to personally meet with me and explain how everything works and what needed to be done. I found it extremely helpful that he was able to talk to me whenever I needed help. When all was said and done I was extremely happy with the results of my case.

    I highly recommend this law firm for anybody who needs help.

    thumb Joanna A.

      Mr. Napolin and his office were extremely caring and attentive to our case. We felt very comfortable when speaking to him and he came across as very professional and detailed from our first meeting with him. He let us know what to expect during our case. He even gave us motivational advice in our last meeting. We would highly recommend Mr. Napolin and his law firm and would use him again in our legal matters.

    thumb Juan M.
  •   Wow, where do I start. Well, let's make this short and to the point.  I was injured at the start of 2015.  I tore my right bicep tendon.  My insurance was procrastinating to give me my approval for surgery after the first week.  If you wait too long for surgery after a bicep tear, you wont be able to have the surgery done, and you're stuck with limited strength, and a bumpy arm deformity. I contacted the offices of Napolin Law firm and got the help I needed.

    After surgery and a short recovery, I returned to the workplace on light duty, but was quickly working 16 hour days again and lifting things I shouldn't have.  I decided to give my two weeks as to not injure myself again.  I let my attorney know about this after the fact.  I was told this wasn't the best course of action, but he understood why I did it.  Mr. Napolin honestly just seemed happy that my surgery had gone well and that I was ok.  He did ask me to do a follow up with a doctor and to see if he could get some financial compensation for me.

    Fast forward to March 24th, 2016.  I was asked to come in and see Mr. Napolin in regards to my case.  I thought I was just going in to sign some papers to close the case out.  Mind you, my arm is great.  Its not 100%, but it sure is close.  You can imagine my shock when I sat down with him and he said he settled for 40,000.00.  Three quarters of my brains vocabulary evaporated while the information sank in.  I'm still having some difficulty writing this because its' unreal.  I can only imagine how much he would have been able to get if I would have kept him in the loop of how they where making me work while on limited duty and didn't leave my job.  I've also been in another legal situation where I broke my femur and had a compound fracture in my arm, and he got me MORE than the other injury which did leave me pretty screwed up.

    In closing, if you want someone to help and also inform you about everything and anything, go to Napolin Law Firm.  I didn't expect Matt Murdock.  I've met a lot of attorneys that are cold or don't really explain the details, (not that I understand half of it.)  Not to mention he's shown that the legal system can work and get you the compensation you deserve.  I'm gonna recommend this to anyone whose been attacked by lawnmowers or simply a person whose company or boss that just sees them as disposable.  Thanks again for helping me get the money I need to go back to college and not pull out loans again. You're awesome.

    thumb Efrain P.

      Words are not enough to express how grateful and thankful I am to have found Mr. Napoleon and his firm. About a year ago I was side swiped by an individual who decided not to stop at a stop sign. Foolishly I thought I could take care of it on my own and deal with the insurance company myself. Well, as you can imagine, I was dead wrong. The insurance company refused to give me fair value for not only my injuries but for the damage that was done to my car. After doing some research here on yelp, I decided to give Mr. Napoleon a of the best decisions I ever made. Alex was not only sympathetic to my situation but absolutely took a no nonsense approach with the insurance company. I almost think they overpaid on my claim because they just wanted to rid themselves of Mr. Napoleon. Thank you once again Mr. Napoleon for all your hard work, my family is going to have a great holiday season because of the work you did for me.

    thumb Richard Q.

      I hired The Napolin Law Firm for my car accident on my friends recommendation. The case lasted a long time because the insurance company did not want to pay me anything and we had to file a lawsuit. Eventually the insurance settled and paid for all of my treatment and a lot more on top of that. I am so thankful for all the time Alexander spent on my case and for personally keeping me up to date on what was going on through the whole thing. He actually cared about helping me and I really appreciated that from a lawyer since my prior lawyer never even spoke with me.

    thumb Chase G.
  •   Cannot express how grateful I am to Alexander he took care of everything the way he said he would. He took no short cuts in representing me and exceeding the expectations I had going into this. My car was totaled my back got messed up he found me the right doctors and chiropractors to go and get better on my feet in no time with my recovery and my compensation this is your guy to go to. He Will always take your call respond to your text. I cannot thank him enough

    thumb Eric G.

      I contacted Alexander Napolin seeking legal opinion on a contractual document, and was impressed both by the speed at which he responded to my inquiry, as well as his candor regarding my options for responding to the other party. His knowledge spans multiple specialties, and I would recommend anyone with an issue regarding an automobile accident insurance claim, workers compensation issue, or employment law situation consider Alexander a valuable resource for legal guidance.

    thumb Griff W.

      Alex did a great job for me. He is bright and aggressive and responded quickly to any inquires that I had. I am very satisfied with the end result of the case. I hope I don't have a need for his services again, but if I do I wouldn't hesitate to contact him.

    thumb Clifford M.